High Skill Training

Ready to learn the secrets of high-skill CrossFit? Want to get your first muscle-up, master the Olympic lifts, nail double unders, or get your first pullup? Want to get nutrition dialed in?

Join us for High Skill Training, the newest offering here at Durango. Here’s how it works:

1.) You (and three other students) will work with the Coach of your choice in a mastery-based small-group environment — just the four of you practicing the skill of your choice with a single coach.

2.) You’ll commit for four hour-long sessions — enough time to work with your coach, bond with your group, and make serious progress on your skills.

3.) And it’s extremely affordable — just $20 per athlete per session for your group of four — making it a no-brainer if you’re ready to take things to the next level.

Click below to sign up (and we’ll get started on your high-skill journey right away).