Welcome to CrossFit Durango

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Group classes led by our awesome instructors (and scaled to your exact fitness level).

Whether you're brand new or a long-time athlete, you'll get fitter, faster, and leaner using CrossFit — and we'll guide you every step of the way.


Why come to CrossFit Durango?

Here at the gym, we believe in two things — training intelligently with your friends and having a blast while you do it.

We’ll get you moving safely, effectively, and efficiently (and show you just how fun training alongside other motivated, friendly people can be).


Is it hard to get started?


(In fact, we make it easy.)

First, we’ll find a time for you to join us for a free class. You’ll come in, meet the coaches and members, see the gym, and learn first-hand if this is the place for you (we think you’ll like it here).

Once you join, we’ll get you up to speed on CrossFit-specific movements with our one-session Acclimations Program. It’s a super simple (but focused) class, meant to give you a head start on understanding and performing the core movements of the program.


What if I’m more of the “personal training” type?

If you’re looking to train one-on-one with an experienced coach, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll create a program just for you, customized to your schedule and your goals (and if you’re not sure exactly what those are, don’t worry. We’ll help you figure it out.)

Our team specializes in body composition change, fat loss, and increased performance — backed by decades of making it happen for ourselves and others.